How to Get Competitive Pricing With Our iMVP in Hampton, VA

At First Team Hampton Chevrolet, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our customer’s car buying experience. By implementing our new Internet Market Value Pricing system across our entire inventory of pre-owned vehicles, we aim to give our customers the most competitive price on the web.

How First Team Hampton Chevrolet’s iMVP Works

For the last 20 or so years, the world has been pushing further and further into the age of the internet. From learning new recipes to streaming movies and television shows, the internet is continuously changing how people do things. These changes have made waves in the business world and have completely changed the way that businesses and customers interact across all industries, especially the automotive industry. In fact, recent studies show that %90 of car buyers use the internet to research cars before they decide to make a purchase. It makes sense. From maker websites to dealership inventory listings, information about vehicles and their prices is easier to find than ever before. As a result, to better serve our customers, First Hampton Chevrolet is changing along with the times. By using our new Internet Market Value Pricing system, our dealership staff is able to make sure that all our pre-owned vehicles are listed at a competitive price. The iMVP system works by comparing market evaluations across thousands of pre-owned vehicle websites in real-time. After factoring in other variables like location, vehicle demand, and availability, our algorithm delivers a fair price for each pre-owned vehicle in our inventory. What does this mean for you? It means that all the prices you see on the First Team Hampton Chevrolet website are competitive and fair. No more worrying about having to haggle down inflated prices to get a fair deal. Thanks to our iMVP system, First Team Hampton has done the price comparison work for you. Why would a business want to price compare for a customer? It’s simple! At First Team Hampton Chevrolet we understand that if we didn’t have competitive pricing our customers could very well end up shopping elsewhere. We value each and every one of our customers and prove it by offering the best possible value across our pre-owned inventory.

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